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Valdo - discover nightclubs and purchase tickets

Purchase Tickets

No more standing in long lines. With Valdo you can purchase tickets to pre-selected events around the globe.

Look for the blue "TICKETS" icon on events banners, purchase a ticket and walk straight past the queues.

Purchased tickets are sent to your e-mail and are stored in the app for quick refrence.

Are you a club owner and what to sell your tickets through Valdo? Send us an e-mail and well get you started in a matter of minutes.

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Valdo covers the whole world

With Valdo you can discover nightlife events happening in 751 clubs, 61 cities, 28 countries across 5 continents.

All of the events are updated daily so you can take Valdos word for where he best events are happening.

Find events in the following cities

Amsterdam | Barcelona | Berlin | Bern | Bratislava | Brussels | Budapest | Chicago | Copenhagen | Dietlikon | Haapsalu | Hamburg | Helsinki | Hurghada | Krakow | Kuressaare | Lisbon | London | Los Angeles | Malacky | Melbourne | Milan | Moscow | Naples | New York | Oslo | Paide | Paris | Pezinok | Phoenix | Porto | Prague | Rakvere | Rapla | Riga | Rome | Sofia | Sonda | Stockholm | Sydney | Tallinn | Tartu | Tõrva | Tokyo | Toronto | Turin | Vienna | Viljandi | Vilnius | Warsaw | Wetzikon | Winterthur | Zurich | Düsseldorf | Käina | Otepää | Pärnu | Põlva | Räpina | Võru

If your city is not listed, drop us a quick line and we will add it shortly.

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The story behind Valdo

There’s an app for almost everything, but not for nightlife in our sense. No such tool what works at home and abroad and shows you newest and updated information about nightclubs and events around you and nearby. There is no place where we can just browse all the parties in real time around the world. Event planning and promoting is very hard when you do not have lots of money or a fancy nightclub

Valdo provides newest and updated information about the best nightclubs and events in 25 countries and in the end all over the world. Valdo allows you to browse events in real time, see where are your friends, invite your friends to join, get promotional offers form clubs, buy tickets, take pictures of events and upload for others to see, chat with other clubbers or buy them drinks - all from one app. Are you a club owner, event planner or a farmer - Valdo does not care. Valdo is not just another nightlife app - Valdo is your new friend.



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